Guess Who’s Making Android Apps?

Hi guys. For those who regularly read this blog, you know how big of a geek I am. I love computers and I love to learn everything that I can learn about them. I also like how they make modern life easier. This is the main reason why I spent most of my time in front of the computer. I cannot imagine a life without the computer and this is the main reason why I am always looking for ways to earn a living using my knowledge and a good PC.

Luckily, I have actually stumbled on an opportunity. This is because I am now spending my time in developing Android apps. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, I am now a full fledged Android app developer. I actually taught myself Android app development through various resources over the internet. I was only confident enough to advertise my services as a full fledged Android developer after I made a few apps that I actually liked to use. When I offered it as part of my online portfolio, I immediately got a lot of very interested clients. It is because of this that I then decided to start making my own apps.

I am currently working on a useful app for health conscious individuals. Aside from this, I am also working towards seeing to it that I try to set up a good Android game that I can give away for free. It’s pretty obvious that I have got a lot on my plate. I really cannot help it because what I do is something that is actually making me happy. This is also the main reason why I cannot blog anymore.

I won’t be able to find the time to write regular blog posts. This is because I will be very busy dealing with my Android app development to the point that I will be neglecting this blog. There will be no new posts in my blog for the next few months. Maybe in time, when I get some free time, I can start some blog posts. But that is no guarantee.

See you guys! Wish me luck!

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How to Win her MOM’s Heart

If you are meeting a crush’s mom for the first time, be yourself. Do not to convince her you are someone else. Rather than emphasize your charming characteristics. Let her know your sense of humor, your disarming nature and most importantly your honesty.

Impress her by starting the conversation off about her. Take note that  people have the tendency to explain themselves too much. Compliment an article of her clothing that it obvious. This will make you stand out in her eyes as well.

R-E-S-P-E-C-T. This is vital because it’s easy to slip into the thought that the mom is mean to get to her son or daughter. Although this is commendable, it should never be your primary objective. Treat her as you would anyone you wanted to know better

Reveal your talents and accomplishments only when. Everyone around you will appreciate your achievements especially moms. Take the friendship with her like you would any other friendship.

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The Ironic and Confusing Language of Women

For years, people have believed that women talk differently from men. Research would beg to differ since studies have shown talk men talk less compared to women. Besides the ability to talk fast, there is another phenomenon that men have been troubled with ever since; they speak a different language.


True enough, men and women have a few disputes ever since. Miscommunication has been a main problem between the two which are the main causes of divorce in this country.  Plus, the fact that Evidence suggests that men and women tend to discuss different topics. For example, men tend to talk about sport, politics and cars, whereas women tend to talk about child-rearing and personal relationships. Both sexes think differently and have been a struggle since.


Women tend to think differently since that they tend to be more sensitive and emotional while men are more physical in nature. Often times both sexes do communicate but still have a hard time deciphering message. The important thing is to listen to what do they really want to say and be able to talk things out more clearly.

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5 of the Best Honeymoon Spots in the World

Just got married? Are you planning to have your honeymoon somewhere romantic, unique, and unforgettable? Look no further. Based from reviews, comments and suggestions made the by travelers, here are five of the best honeymoon spots in the world. Newlywed couples who have gone here have been recommending other couples to try out the listed places.


1) Maldives


Maldives has been recognized as y one of the top honeymoon destinations of Asia. It is a small yet sensational country consisting of 26 coral reefs in the Indian Ocean. Maldives is surrounded with f about 1000 islands by the serene water of the Indian Ocean.


2) Bali, Indonesia


Bali is hailed as Indonesia’s top tourist destination mainly because of their beautiful beaches. Bali is also known for its  luscious culture and mountainous terrain. If ever in Bali, visit the Ubud Monkey Forest, a wonderful nature reserve where you can see a temple and over 300 Crab-eating Macaque monkeys.


3) Singapore


Singapore has been hailed as one of most beautiful country-city in the world. Also well known for its unique food items and  scenic tourist spots. This amazing island country-city consists of of 63 smaller islands not to mention has a rich cultural heritage which is a combination of Chinese, Malay and Hindu cultures.


4) Thailand


Hailed as the most romantic city; Thailand is a small Asian country that why it is termed as one of the best honeymoon destinations in Asia. This exotic country has so much to offer in terms of places and activities of tourist interest. It\ comprises exotic beaches and adventurous resorts to jungle treks,  night life, and world class cuisine.




5. Malaysia


Malaysia is conveniently located north of Singapore. The island of Borneo is being hailed as one of the best honeymoon destinations with beautiful beaches. You could also do hiking at Mt. Kinabalu were you can find the famous orangutan reserves.

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Manny Pacquiao, Boxing Super Star!

For a decade, Manny has made his career out of boxing. As short as 10 years or so, he has sky rocketed into the field of boxing and became known as one most famous boxers in the world. He has joined the ranks of Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson. He has even became a legend in his own right. Even Hollywood celebrities has commended Manny’s performance in the ring. He is the only Asian to achieve such honor and glory.


Before Manny really struggled for a living. At a young age, he has been working hard training with some of the local boxers in their area. Until that he has trained his way up to the ranks of the boxing hierarchy. Truly, he is an epitome of the saying “rags to riches”. A sheer example that glory doesn’t come on a silver platter unless you’ve earned it through hard work.


Right now, Manny is into politics. He is now the congressional representative of their local province. He is even into business with one of Hollywood’s most iconic celebrity; Paris Hilton. Not only he is hard working, but also a loving family man as well. Manny has gone a long long way.

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Maria Aragon: Little Girl with a Soothing Yet Powerful Voice

Born this way. This is the song that sky rocketed Maria Aragon to fame when she sang Lady Gaga’s hit song. Her video even reached a million hits on You tube. This young lady has gone a long way since she became a worldwide sensation. The little girl with a powerful voice has been making a name for herself. Even Lady Gaga herself has invited the young singer in one her concert in Toronto. Like Charice, Maria has been given a great honor of singing with her favorite artist. This half Filipino girl has been known even by the Royal family.


During Canada Day, when the newlywed royal couple graced the occasion with their presence, Maria sang the nation’s anthem. This is another milestone in the young lady’s life. Truly, this girl has gone a long way. Maria is not only gifted but also kind and charming as well.

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What’s with the Bieber Fever?

I still don’t get it?! People of all ages are still having Bieber Fever! This kid has been a global phenomenon for months. Mostly teens and young adults go crazy over this tween. Evidently he sings and dances, but he isn’t all that. Across the nation, people have been infected with the fever. Justin isn’t all that before he ever met Usher. His dad immediately took the chance when they saw the rapper in a parking lot and tried their luck. He sang for Usher and the rest is history.


Within a few months, Justin became the phenomenon, joining the ranks of Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Demi Lavato and other hot teen pop stars. Months later Justin became the object of every girls affection. His song became number one in the billboard charts. His dances became the nation’s steps. Even his hair style became everyone’s do. Justin became an icon over night.


Until this day, people have been idolizing Justin, hence known as the Beiber fever. This fever has been infected several countries already like Canada and other parts of Europe. Even in some part of Asia, like the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia and others. People have been blinded by this kid’s talent and even his hair. Still I don’t get it.

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Happy Feet 2

Who could even forget about the movie about computer generated penguins that dancing and singing their way into our hearts? Mumble, the ever so cute penguin that has been deemed different from the rest. He couldn’t sing but, boy, he can dance. Until it progressed that penguins were, again, allowed to dance which saved their icy colony from extinction.


Now, Mumble’s son, Erik, who is a little bit reluctant to dance, meets Puffin, known as the “the Mighty Sven” which he thinks that penguins can fly. But that doesn’t stop there. The earth gets shaken by unknown powerful forces, which proved Mumble to call the leaders of the penguin nations and a few of their allies to set things into plan.


This is the basically the plot of the second installment which makes kids and kids at heart feel the warmth and cuddliness of the penguins. Truly, this movie is for the whole family which makes it all worthwhile to watch with the kids. So, go grab your popcorn and tour kids and watch this heartwarming flick.

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My Top 5 Dream Cars

2011 has been a great year for motor vehicles. A lot of the famous brands have released their newest models for this year. Not much of a difference compared to the models released previously. These cars have been the people’s choice and top sellers for the past months. I picked out 5 of the best of the best models from different brands that have been the cream of the crop basing from sales, surveys and comments by consumers.


1. Jeep Grand Cherokee


The 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee has been one of best for several reasons. This car can go off road which can be appealing to most drivers. This car has a 290 horsepower which is an upgraded version. Also, this is installed with advanced suspension., which can undertake rigorous weather conditions.


2. Hyundai Sonata


The Hyundai Sonata has been crowned as a stylish and sleek vehicle. Compared before, today’s Hyundai are much better than before. It has been innovated into a sporty car from the usual sedan. This is also supported with a thousand mile warranty which can be assured the consumer for a long time.

3. Ford Fiesta


This is the newest model from Ford and relatively inexpensive. This is also claimed as fuel efficient which only uses thirty-nine miles to the gallon.

4. Chevy Suburban


This is recommended for families and large groups of people. This contains a lot of extra room for big luggage. This car would also permit to tow around 9,500 pounds.

5. Chevy Tranverse


A lot of critiques have given this model five stars hence it is safe to use for the whole family. The exterior is also appealing and worthy to be praised. This car has the capacity to go 29,000. Commendable for a elegant automobile.


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The Bachelorette

Over the years, TV shows have greatly evolved. From simple variety shows, to studio sitcoms, to action-packed series, comedy gags, drama series, documentaries, reality TV, games shows and so on. Recently, the dating game format has even evolved into something revolutionary where one man will searching for his bride and 20 to 10 women will be bidding for the said part.


Each week, one lady gets to be evicted according to the gentleman’s choice. If she doesn’t get a long stemmed rose, that would mean she is evicted from the race. For years, the Bachelor has been one of the most top rated show in this country. Now, they network came up with a brilliant idea where the a lady from the said show who has captivated by the hearts of the audiences but not the gentleman shall have her own spin off entitled The Bachelorette.


The Bachelorette has particularly the same format as The Bachelor only that the bachelorette, which is the focal character of the show, came from the previous season of The Bachelor. This time, the table have been turned since the guys will now try to win the Bachelorette’s heart in marriage. So, who ever gets the last rose shall be The Bachelorette’s groom.


When it comes to entertainment, man has indeed come so far. Even to the point that they play with real live people and their emotions just so they could reach out to thousands of audiences, so that more and more commercial brands will be buying for the air time. In the end of the day, its all business and as they say in show business, don’t believe everything you see and hear on TV.

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